We are introducing a new business model tailored for small companies that can't afford to spend 20.000 Piso or more on a web design, and 5.000 Piso or more per year for hosting and domain rights.

For a complete cost of 9.000 Piso you are set for your first year. Next years only 1.000 Piso.

A website for your business is not an expense;


it is an investment that will generate future revenue growth.



Download, complete and send this Web Design Order Form and you will have a new website for your business in a few days.

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For a price of


we design your web site and optimize for search engines.

How can we do web design so cost effective ?

First we focus on small businesses that don’t need a very large web site.

We don’t intend to sit in long meeting with clients over several weeks.

We believe that the client know best what text and pictures he/she want to have on the web site.

And we start the web design work after we get the text and pictures from the client.

As a client you can choose what type of web design you want. You can surf the net until you find a design that you like, and we can implement the same concept for your business using our 3 columns web design.

If you need a Content Management Site we can set up a WordPress site, but it is vulnerable to common Web attacks, and we do not recommend using it.

Redesign might be necessary after some time if your business change products or profile. For existing customers we offer redesign at 4.000 Piso.




But you are not on the World Wide Web when the web design is completed.

You need to place the web design on a reliable server that is fast and without bandwidth limitations.

A web hosting service is a type of internet hotel that allows individuals and organizations to make their web design accessible via the World Wide Web.

Normally you have to sign up for this and install additional software on your computer.

But in this case you don't. We take care of this for 1.000 Piso per year.

In addition you need to purchase a domain that also has annual cost.

With us you don't since we offer free sub domain for our clients.

  A domain is listed in an international database and has some administrative cost that sub domain don’t have.
A short domain is impossible to find, since all 4 letter or smaller domains are taken.  If your business name is BOSS, you might want www.boss.com as your domain, but it is already taken. We suggest www.boss.cebuarea.com,  a sub domain that is free and available.

Your complete annual cost of having a web site is only 1.000 Piso.

The design and hosting process should not take more than a week, from when we have all data from you.

The search engine optimization might take from 2 to 6 weeks to take effect.